Video Class: How to Prepare Your Client for Deposition

I’ve written about and presented seminars and webinars on numerous deposition topics. One of the most useful subjects, both for lawyers and their clients, has been preparing to give testimony at a deposition. Proper preparation of the witness can reduce anxiety, improve performance and dramatically affect litigation outcomes.

Deposition today is often the closest a client will get to a “day in court,” as fewer and fewer cases go to trial. The deposition is usually the first time that the opposition will meet and evaluate your client – and formulate decisions about how to resolve the case.  The opposition will be looking to uncover and exploit any inconsistencies, improbabilities, weaknesses, and flaws present in your client’s testimony and your case.  One mistake at this crucial point in the litigation can break your client’s case.

For an in-depth look at how to prepare your witness, check out my one-hour video class: “How to Prepare Your Client for Deposition.” Now available in streaming video from Although geared for lawyers,  if you are facing your own deposition, you may find the advice useful.

Lawyers Praise “How to Prepare Your Client for Deposition”

After almost one year on line, lawyers have given this video class high marks. Here are some comments.

• “Very helpful! I would say the substantive and procedural tips he provided are excellent for practising or trial attorney. ” – Margarita G. (Glendale, CA)
• “this was very thorough and clear. great presentation” – Joy (San Francisco, CA)
• “Succinct, clear & to the point.” – Jennille (Dana Point, CA)
• “Very informative.” – Joanne (Stamford, CT)
• “Excellent course from a really excellent attorney.” – Beverly (ALAMEDA, CA)
• “very thorough” – bruce
• “I liked the basic points to remember.” – Joseph
• “Excellent.” – Eric
• “Very practical, excellent tips and suggestions for truthful answers in a depo.” – Eric
• “Great course.” – Eric
• “Excellent and clear presentation.” – John
• “The content was excellent — comprehensive and practical — but the delivery was often slow or stilted. Better editing of the video presentation might help.” – Robert
• “It was very effective, Instructor was engaging” – Kaitlin
• “- excellent course” – Maura
• “Good course! My favorite so far!” – Eric
• “Outstanding. Thank you.” – Barbara
• “Hire this dude to do an advanced course!!!” – Leonard
• “Great real-world application” – Esah
• “Very effective presentation and practical.” – Randy
• “Excellent” – Gary
• “None. Very useful information.” – Amy
• “well presented–concise and informative” – Alvin
• “None. The instructor gave excellent tips for preparing a client for deposition!” – Brenda
• “Great lecture…” – Artin
• “good….” – Michael
• “Great speaker, great presentation” – Daniel
• “Extremely helpful. Thank you.” – Jessica
• “GOOD PROGRAM” – Joseph
• “overall I think the course was very helpful and provided information that I will definitely use in the future. ” – Natasha
• “Excellent presentation.” – Donald
• “A” – Abbie
• “Good job” – Gary
• “The best part was the “five appropriate answers” for a depo.” – Zachary
• “I loved the simple way he addressed the 5 “perfect” answers!” – Vianey
• “Thank you for the informative lecture on depos.” – James
• “Do nothing. Outstanding presentation.” – Jacqueline
• “It was informative. ” – Sascha
• “- it was excellent” – edward
• “I have taken depositions for years and Mr. Newdorf was excellent. Clear, concise, succinct. He drilled down to the most important issues necessary to protect a client.” – Diane
• “good presentation” – Mohinder
• “Very Helpful” – Gary
• “Altho I have been doing depositions for many many years the lecture contained many useful hints and cautions that were very helpful” – Murray
• “excellent, clear, intelligent speaker” – Beth
• “Don’t change anything.” – Arnold
• “Instructor did an excellent job!” – Robert
• “Thought the presentation and the presenter, as well as the supplemental written materials, were all excellent.” – Margaret
• “Excellent presentation” – Luther
• “Keep up the good work!” – TRIPOLI
• “Excellent advice and excellent presentation. ” – Lola
• “very good presentation very insightful!” – Tene
• “GOOD” – Lawrence
• “it was a good overview” – Judith

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